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Many retail stores and businesses have a visibility challenge.

 Our products help resolve the visibility challenge  attracting potential customers to any type of business or event.
Our company's Air dancers, rooftops, giant replicas, cold air balloons, tents, advertising  balloons, spheres, helium blimps, advertising inflatables, wind flags and  banners are custom made to your specific needs and advertising preference.

We offer the finest quality products at very competitive prices. We are direct manufacturers and have our own art department that will help with your logos,  graphics, and custom designs.




Perfect for your Cellular Phone store!

Give us an idea  and we will create your design!

This inflatable Air Dancer's body and arms fly in all directions attracting attention from kids, people and potential customers passing by your business. This entertaining inflatable balloons are made with strong and durable nylon Rip-stop, with a special UV protection that makes them last longer under the sun.

We have many shapes and sizes available in stock to choose from for immediate shipping. We can also  create custom air dancers with your logo.  

Dancers, Air Dancers, Sky Dancers, Airdancers, Arrow Dancer

air dancer t-mobile sprint air dancer air dancer cellular one cell phone air dancer
verizon air dancer air dancer helio blue t-mobile air dancer criket air dancer
air dancer t mobile free phone air dancer cingular air dancer cingular air dancer

Cold Air Cell Phones 
10ft  15ft 20ft 

razor phone air dancer     nokia cell phone air dancer

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air dancer sprint

cell phone air dancers

sprint air dancer

air dancer tmobile

air dancer verizon

air dancer cingular

blue sky air dancer cable wireless air dancer cellular one air dancer
sky high air dancer advertisiing air dancer cell phones

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Advertising inflatables specializes in creating a giant inflatable balloon of your product or logo.

 We have been in the manufacturing business since 1990 specializing in custom designs and multi unit production. We use the finest quality fabrics, materials and construction techniques for our products.

We can handle any size order, from 1 foot to 50 feet, from one unit to thousands of pieces. We can do a quick delivery so you can fly an inflatable at your next event.

Most custom orders are shipped in 4 to 6 weeks!

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For outdoor advertising our  Air Dancers, Cold Air balloons, Parade balloons, Advertising inflatables, Blimps, Helium Balloons, Giant Inflatable Replicas and Digital Wind Flags can bring more customers to your location

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